Founded in Luleburgaz / Kırklareli in 2019, BRB Tarım ve Hayvancılık A.S. aims to produce organic animal products in compliance with healthy stock raising principles and safe harvesting products in compliance with organic agricultural practices. In company’s 300.000 square meter plantation, there are 30.000 indoor area, 2 dairy barns, 1 birth room, 1 milking parlor and its’ own feedstuff center. The plantation has a total capacity of 8.000 animals including 5.000 Lacaune breed sheep.

Prioritizing the health and well-being of animals, the plantation combines and makes use of state-of-the-art technology together with traditional stock raising at every corner from feedstuff center to barns and milking systems. Animals in the plantation feed upon the unmatched blessings of the nature in a wide and free environment. Habitizing the nature’s flavors into their bodies, animals also fed additionally with barley, wheat, vetch and alfalfa pellets cultivated within the plantation. In the feedstuff center, animal feeds are being prepared using raw materials that thoroughly pass through the company’s quality control chain and animals are being fed by the feed mixing machine. With this fully natural feeding method; the goal is to achieve a quality, delicious meat with a unique aroma.

The plantation offers the customer the breeding sheep of Lacaune exported from France, bees, chickens and high quality, natural and organic products obtained with the heirlooms brought from various regions of Anatolia. These organic products are put up for sale online under Obabeyi Farm brand.

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Obabeyi Farm is a part of BRB Tarım ve hayvancılık and under BRB Holding is one of the few farms which is producing quality, natural and organic stuff in Turkey.

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Obabeyi Farm is a part of BRB Tarim ve Hayvancılık A.S. and carries on business with the principle of producing natural and organic stuff in European Union Standards and not compromising on quality.

Carries on business in Luleburgaz /, Obabeyi Farm utilizes good agriculture practices and traditional stock raising methods for quality and efficient production, healthy life, safe food and sustainable production.

Obabeyi Farm; with its’ milk and dairy products obtained from Lacaune sheeps, organic eggs from free-range chickens, products from Heirloom seeds, organic vegetable and fruit production without using any hormone supplementation and chemical pesticide and 100% sugar-free honey production, is the number one address for organic products in Turkey. Reintroducing the natural tastes you miss, Obabeyi Farm offers its’ healthy, delicious, nutritious and safe products online for you to buy.


For all your questions about Breeding Lacaune Sheep Sale, Obabeyi Farm Natural and Organic Products, please fill out the contact form below. You will be replied via telephone or email as soon as possible.